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Maqtech helps in educating tech-saavy individuals across India. Maqtech  helps in education in technical platfrom companies across India achieve outstanding education results by student them with work in many company for  web-based software comapany . We meticulously analyze these companies' business models and requirements to architect and deliver solutions that provide real value.

Using our solid software development expertise, strategic process, and the latest technologies, we deliver high quality and cost-competitive solutions. We're able to handle your project from start to finish - from specification, design, implementation, testing, training, and support - allowing you to focus on your core business.

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What we are?

We pursue of goals without any profit motive. We are a learning platform only. MAQTECH, Web Development /Software Technologies, We provide web  training solutions in all fields of languages & adapt latest technologies in development & designing. We provide quality solutions in UI / UX Designing, Digital Marketing and Web & Desktop based application development, Mobile Application development training by our expert team, 

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We understand that as a result of the intangible nature of custom web application development, clients are essentially investing in our business first, for the development of their software product. We want to make the decision to choose Deversus as easy as possible and thus it is important to us that there is a high level of confidence in our capabilities, our commitment to quality, and our process


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Mr. Hiralal Singh